Blooming Chic, Wedding Flowers By Judy Ward
    Blooming Chic, Wedding Flowers By Judy Ward  

Natural and Woodland Funerals

We specialise in floral tributes for natural and woodland funerals by providing creative and unique designs suitable for the natural ethos of a simple funeral.

You will not find any florists foam, wire, cellophane or plastics as we use materials that are completely biodegradable and ecologically sound such as willow, jute, dogwood or evergreens to support our designs of seasonal, ethically grown and locally sourced natural flowers and leaves.


We believe our service is quite unique to this area and will ensure that you receive tributes fitting with the simplicity of the natural funeral. 



For more information please see our Funeral Tribute guide page.



For Natural funerals where the coffin is a loose weave material, we can make garlands of flowers and foliage to attach to the sides of the casket as well as small bunches also to adorn the sides of the casket. These types of flowers would be the prerogative of the immediate family.

The tradition of wreath laying has been recorded in Britain since early modern times, but thought to be pagan by Protestant reformers such as the Puritans, so was frowned upon.

In Victorian times when the language of flowers and their symbolism was in vogue the wreath bases were often crafted from Weeping Willow which was a symbol of melancholy and sadness.

The making of wreaths from willow is still a very strong tradition that is making a huge renaissance in light of the rising popularity of green and natural funerals.

Wreath made in late september of Hydraenga heads and late summer pink roses and british grown lilac alstromeria all set on a willow wreath secured with jute string. 

There seems to be a new tradition growing in connection with Natural and Woodland funerals whereby the mourners take home a flower from the casket arrangement as a memento. This is of course even more ecologically friendly as well as a lovely end to the service when saying goodbye to a loved one.

Price guide


Full sized Coffin/casket Spray double-ended arrangement from £175.00 

Single ended arranged spray from £80 

Tied bouquets from £40

Posies from £45.00

Baskets from £40.00

Large Casket-top tied flowers from £100 

Willow wreaths from £ 45.00

Willow hearts £65.00


Living Wreaths - made up of plants with some fresh flowers for imediate impact but long lasting due to the plant life. From £65.00


Garlands - foliage only £10.00 per foot 

Flowers and foliage from £16.00 per foot


Posies attached to coffin sides from £20.00 each


We are happy to deliver to Woodland and Natural burial sites all over the South of England, so please do let us know where the Burial site is so that we can quote for this for you.


Collection from our premises is also available.

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