Wedding flowers Wilshire weddings
Wedding flowers Wilshire weddings
Blooming Chic, naturally beautiful flowers by Judy Ward
    Blooming Chic, naturally beautiful flowers by Judy Ward  

About us

Hi, I am Judy, the owner of Blooming Chic Weddings and Workshops.


I have always had a love of flowers alongside my love of making things!

As a child I would make rose petal perfume and daisy chains and as I got older I worked out how to make garlands using the flowers of rhododendron bushes and ballerinas out of poppy flowers! I used to see my Granny making the flower displays for the local church and loved all the paraphanalia that accompanied the arrangements such as the vases and the pin frogs.


At 18 I applied to all of the florists listed in the yellow pages in the Teddington area as I really wanted to train to be a florist. I was lucky enough to be offered a junior position at Lynwood Floral centre on Teddington Bridge. I loved it. We were down the road from Teddington Studios and my first buttonholes were made for the Morecambe and Wise show! and I even made a presentation bouquet for Petula Clarke at The Talk of the Town.


Over the years I worked in a number of shops from Teddington Middlesex to Wokingham Berkshire to Exeter Devon and my experiences grew as did my love of flowers. From making arrangements for celebrities to doing the flowers at Powderham Castle for the Countess of Devon where I had to use the secret passageways so as not to be seen by the paying public!


After some years of teaching Photography I decided it was time to strike out on my own and start my own flower business. So in 2014 I began my business Blooming Chic. Right from the beginning I specialised in sustainable and plastic free arrangements for my funeral work and found that people were finding me from all over the country for this so did funerals far and wide from Birmingham to Exeter to Portsmouth, thankfully the floristry world has caught up with making things that are more ecologically sound.


I have always taken my training seriously and I take classes every year with innovative florists and schools to keep up to date and to enable my ideas to come to life.

I decided, after working throughout the pandemic, delivering to people who used flowers to show love to the family they couldn't see, that I wanted to just concentrate on Weddings and Workshops going forward past the pandemic. I am excited that I can now concentrate my passion for flowers  on creating gorgeous weddings.


I am lucky to have flowered the weddings for well over a hundred couples now and in many stunning settings from Castles to Country houses to Marquess and Woodlands. I love the challenge of creating flowers that will make a location spring to life with colour and love, as well as being able to bring dreams to fruition. 


I am committed to cutting out the things that are bad for our planet as I have a great love for the natural world and our beautiful Earth, I also love how this ethos makes me more innovative when making my designs as I need to think carefully about the things I use. I am committed to being completely sustainable by using reusable, compostable and recyclable items in all of my work.


My flowers do come from abroad as well as from our own country as I do not want to limit the flower selections I can offer to my couples, but I am aware of their origins and I am  finding more and more local growers to help me be more gentle to the Earth.I have also begun in a small way to grow some of my own flowers.


I absolutely love flowers and I love helping couples to come to love them as much as I do.


I hope you will allow me to help you.



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